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The Evolution of Jerseys

Jerseys have been ingrained in sports for a while. The most popular sports feature jerseys as a key uniform piece, and the NBA jersey is one of the most recognizable sports uniform garments. Jerseys continue to evolve to this day. Designers love experimenting with fresh cuts, new designs, and improved materials. NBA jerseys have seen plenty of changes over the years. Eventually, basketball jerseys lost their sleeves. Teams added their branding, and in the 1960s, they added players’ names.

Once basketball became increasingly popular in the late ’80s, men, women, and children fans, players, and streetwear enthusiasts all wanted to get their hands on their own jerseys. Soon, jerseys from other sports also became more than an exclusive garment for players and legends. Now, soccer, baseball, football, and hockey jerseys, just like basketball jerseys, are streetwear staples that can easily mix and match with your T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tanks, and even dresses.

From Sportswear to Fashion Staples

There’s a jersey out there for every personality type and taste. Just like classic streetwear staples, like graphic T-shirts, jerseys come in all shapes and sizes. Loyal fans can rep their favorite team or legend in an authentic NBA jersey, especially when paired with coordinating shorts and warm-up pants. Jerseys with wild, vivid graphics put a twist on the classic sportswear must-have, and offer unmatched, eye-catching style anywhere. For the young ones, boys’ jerseys keep style on point from the school to the playground.

Streetwear lovers can take their style to new heights in crop jerseys that pair well with lightweight joggers and fashionable skinny jeans. Jersey dresses keep you cool in the summer while offering sports-inspired style with a feminine touch.

Jerseys for the Entire Family

You strive for the styles that let you make a statement everywhere you go. But you won’t compromise comfort for elevated looks. Jerseys allow people to move effortlessly, with most styles featuring moisture-wicking, breathable fabric for on-the-go stylish wearers. Plus, jerseys act as reliable apparel for easy styling since they’re versatile enough to go with almost any shoes, clothes, and accessories you have hanging in your closet. Grab women’s, kids’, and men’s jerseys by Nike and Jordan for fly streetwear-inspired styling.